Building Something New?

Building Something New?

You'll need a reliable roof installation in Grand Rapids, MI or the surrounding area

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building. It protects your space from weather and debris. You can trust Squids Roofing Inc with your commercial or residential roof installation project. Our company based in Grand Rapids, MI serves property owners, builders and general contractors. Our experience and skill make us a trusted source for roofing, siding, windows and fascia work.

Ready to start your roof installation? Hire a skilled roofer in or around Grand Rapids, MI today.

When you come to us for your commercial or residential roof installation, you'll get services custom to your needs. Before we start building, you'll come to us for a detailed consultation. A roofer will ask you questions like:

What type of building are you adding a roof to?
Do you currently have a budget or time constraint?
Do you prefer certain styles or colors?

Once we've ironed out the details, you'll get a free estimate on your roof installation. Discuss your roofing needs and preferences with a contractor now.